Jeremy Chen


Research Project Active graph database that supports continuous queries besides fundamental graph database functionality. It also supports property graph model.


Looking for some cool visualization of your Facebook timeline and photos? This application visualizes important Facebook life events and photos in VR and be able to explore in a VR environment. It also has a VR chat application that has a keyboard in our VR application and is attached to a Firebase web application.


Augmented Reality Financial Android app which scans company logos and renders trends of stock prices, latest headlines, financial data charts, and financial highlights of companies on camera view. Speech recognition is also used to process user requests.

Tic Tac Toe AI Player

Command-line Tic-Tac-Toe game implemented with MVC design pattern. An unbeatable AI computer player was also implemented where the minimax algorithm was used. Try to beat the perfect player!

Pokemon Go TSP Solver

Are you a fan of Pokemon Go? Want to collect Pokemons faster? By optimizing a solution of travelling salesman problem using simulated annealing, you can collect pokemons faster with a better route!


Always feel frustrated when you can't find an earlier conversation about some topic between you and your friends? Here is the solution! Simple4Chat is a chatroom-oriented messaging web application that you can use to make your conversations organized!


Machine-learning supported personal stylist with social network feature. You can share with your friends about your styles, and customized recommendations will be provided!

JSON-XML-CSV Converter

Trying to convert your large JSON/XML/CSV files but then your browser hangs after using some web application out there? This project is a fast and simple command-line utility program to convert JSON, XML, and CSV to one another. No more long waiting for converting large data files!